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Anthony Ochieng

Welcome To TOSK

Kenya’s tourism sector has grown tremendously over the last 10 years and this is indicated by the growth in both tourist arrivals and revenues. Tourism is currently Kenya’s one of the fastest growth rates, is expected to continue to grow much further. With increased growth, comes the need to improve service delivery, product offering, human resource skills and the overall tourism experience to ensure that Kenya remains a competitive destination within the region and the globe. This should have an immediate impact on job creation especially with the youth and women.

The value of tour operators to the tourism sector cannot be underscored. Tour operators are the glue that holds the tourism value chain together. The tour operator is often the first and last contact for...

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TOSK Chairperson photo Chair

Mary Kamau

Appreciations To All TOSK Members

Tour Operators Society of Kenya (TOSK) is Kenya’s most vibrant tourism trade association, representing the interests of the country’s leading and experienced professional tour operators. TOSK has membership of over 90 companies who offer a wide range of services. Kenya’s Tourism sector and particularly the private sector are working hard towards a competitive tourism industry.

I wish to appreciate our members for their patronage, the continuous efforts and stewardship of our Board members, our partners in supporting and developing the tourism industry in Kenya and our secretariat for their coordination.

May I take this opportunity to wish TOSK growth and development for the coming years.

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TOSK Secretariat


TOSK SME's & MSE's Training

SMEs and MSEs require training that will help in aligning then in the industry and to ensure they deliver quality services to their clients. This makes the Secretariat Office richer in terms of human resource and services.

Through partnering with different training firms we shall ensure that our members and their staff are aware of industry trends. We also hope this will increase our membership numbers.

We aim at strategically positioning TOSK as the place where tour operators and travel agents should belong to their maximum benefit from government and other players.

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