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Contact Person: Victoria Ndunge
Phone: +254113276998
Location: Pacific Crest Mall (Naivas Katani), 3rd Floor Wing A, Mombasa Road, Nairobi

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At Kevic Tours, we enjoy providing unmatched curated safari and holiday experiences across all the destinations we sell.

A safari should be more than just a game viewing or an exotic holiday destination. Every moment on the safari trail must jell together with a collective of incredible, unforgettable memories.

We appreciate that much thought, preparation, and cost-benefit analysis goes into safari or holiday planning; we assist you every step to make a viable safari choice courtesy of Kevic Tours & Travel.

Our collection of like-minded suppliers and partners ensures you have total peace of mind while on holiday, as they will leave nothing to chance to uphold their end of the commitment to above-quality outcomes.

Try Kevic Tours for that VIP experience- we love the attention to every little detail!