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An Association that covers and provides an umbrella to all Local and International Tour Operators In Kenya

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Tosk Kenya Values their Members Fully
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Local Tourism is the Future of the Tourism Industry
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Domestic Tourism has grown in numbers making a positive impression into the Tourism Sustainability Agendas



Tour Operators Society of Kenya (TOSK) is a business membership organization that was established in 2015.

Founded out of the need to bring together associated tourism enterprises in an incubation hub for nurturing tour operators to offer quality products and services to both domestic and inbound tourists.

To receive quality, professional, always check on our members page to know who offers what so as to receive the right attention and service that approved by us. Its with great caution that we advise all our safari, trips, hiking and other product consumers, that we will provide the utmost best experiences and practice through our services. Dont be deceived, always check whether your Tour Operator/Agent/Guide or Driver is listed in the membership list. Click here to view the list of Members.

Reas0ns to join tosk

Information Sharing

A TOSK Member has Access to any information that will empower and help you plan your business responsibly. Also receive updates on important upcoming industrial activities. Through News letters and memos, TOSK Members are able to be updated with recent happening within the association.

Insurance and Bonding Schemes

In Partnership with ICEA Lion Insurance Company, All our member are always bonded and under insurance and under bonding scheme helping them in their daily operations.

Training’s and Capacity Building

Though trainings offered to our Members, they will always be equipped with recent skills on how to handle and run business, how to approach recent market trends and much more. Also we are able to have capacity empowerment to our members.


A TOSK Member Brand their products and services through the use of TOSK’s logo to guarantee safety when a customer wants to buy or purchase a product from a TOSK Member.

References and referrals

Incase of any special bookings inquired though our website or our mails, we recommend inquiries to only TOSK Members who offer those services inquired.

Special Partnerships and Networking

With one Association of Tour Operators, TOSK is able to have special rates of hotels and accommodation facilities which are in collaboration with TOSK. Also with the partnership and collaboration with other corporate entities, we give TOSK Members an opportunity to interact with the corporate world eg Toyota Kenya, RSA and others.


sustainable tourism

As an Association, we are mandated to control and ensure tourism sustainability is well practiced so that we can improve our own industrial market to the outside world. With the many tourism destinations all over the world, we work hard to make sure we have a hive accessibility to the best tourism services to tourist visiting Kenya  

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improve local tourism

With the High rise of Kenyan local tourist, TOSK has made it sure that they enjoy the same products and services offered within the industry. This improves trust and awareness of the many Kenyan Destinations.

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market and identifying less known destinations

Identifying and marketing less known destinations in Kenya is one of our core mandate to improve the local domestic tourism. With this, we will attract many tourist with different interest to explore the country.

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What Tour Operators are saying about us

"Joining Tosk Kenya ensured that I am compliant to the policies of Kenyan Tourism. Through this, they have protected us as a company in our tour operations"
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Cheetah revolution safaris
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Join TOSK Kenya With Over 100+ Members

Founded out of the need to bring together associated tourism enterprises in an incubation hub for nurturing tour operators to offer quality products and services to both domestic and inbound tourists.

We have so far managed to register more than 100+ members in our association as part of the Tourism Agenda 2030 to promote local tourism in Kenya